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With a reputation for offering unparalleled technology expertise to our customers, we are committed to upholding the highest standards with our precise skills, methodology, and superior service. Our ability to deploy exceptional technology expertise is rivaled only by our deep commitment to service and reliability. This commitment isn't just something we talk about; it's part of who we are, and it shows in everything we do.

CST, is a young and dynamic company aspiring to be a leading pure play world-class Business Intelligence and Analytics software vendor, providing companies with complete solution and services for their many analytical needs.

We are focused on Integrated Analytics & Business Performance Measurement and provide outsourced development, customization, deployment & support services for several BPM platforms.

At CST®, we seek individuals who are not only technologically proficient, but who also care about teaming with other colleagues and clients. We recruit people with true strength of character and integrity, who genuinely share our values, and we treat every assignment as another step toward building long-term relationships.

Understanding your goals is the first step in achieving them. Our history as the nation's leading IT staffing firm allows us to be closely familiar with virtually all IT implementation issues. Nationally, we have a focus in four key vertical sectors: Manufacturing, Financial Services such as Banking, Capital Markets, Insurance etc., and Information Technology. In addition, each of our CST offices has diverse industry specializations according to their location and client base. Understanding your business, your culture, and your needs is our business.

Our depth of experience and access to a talent pool that's considered one of the best in the industry ensures that our clients get the results they demand. Every day our employees are on the job with clients all over this Nation. Whether we provide one or two additional staff members or assume responsibility to implement an entire project, our clients know that we will deliver. Whatever your circumstances, you'll receive the dedicated professionals you need, while retaining the level of control you prefer for each project.

  • Staffing Services - Get the labor and skills you need on an on-demand basis. We do more than just source applicants. Our Successful Placement Process means you get carefully screened people with the 
  • skills and personality to fit right in and hit the ground running. Team Services - In these exclusive engagements, we assemble the precise mix of skills, experience and personalities it takes to complete a project. As the single-source provider, we ensure rate consistency and process efficiency, ultimately delivering multiple skill sets as smoothly as delivering just one.
  • Integration Services - Our proven ability to manage turnkey technology projects allows you to rest assured you'll get the results you need. Find out the benefits of turning to a trusted outside partner to manage and complete whole projects and components of larger ones.