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CST Inc. is a leading IT services company specializing in contingent staffing services and managed solutions. We support client staffing and project needs on an international, regional and local basis.

Our robust recruiting engine drives our ability to attract experienced IT talent “just-in-time” to meet our clients’ fast-paced environment. Our vendor management services help organizations create efficiencies and cost-savings as a highly effective workforce management solution. Our suite of managed solution practices offers total IT project management services with flexible delivery options such as onsite, offsite or offshore.

Whether you need an individual resource, a team of resources or a complete solution, CST is here to make IT work for you.

Our reputation of providing the right expertise with the highest level of customer service has earned us the right to extend our offerings beyond technical staffing to team services, component and even workforce management services. You see, we believe that when you have the right people with the right skills, background, and professionalism, you can easily achieve your goals.

CST® has been placing highly qualified technical professionals on the job for over three years and building long term relationships with both clients and technical professionals. We have developed a reputation for customer service that's second to none. Let us put our experience and expertise to work for you. We offer the following IT and communications services:

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Whether you need additional support for a week or for a year, we understand you need more than someone who simply has the technical ability to get the job done. You expect someone you can count on to take your work as seriously as you do. Understanding your business, your culture, and your needs is our business. CST has a network of highly qualified technical professionals ready to go to work for you now.

See how our Staffing Services can provide you with the right Employees. Managing the logistics and scalability of your technology portfolio without losing focus on core priorities often requires turning to an outside partner. The benefits of technology expertise and expanded bandwidth are matched only by the measurable return on investment that can be realized when we take responsibility to complete discrete projects and components of larger ones. We are specialized in the handling IT Projects at Enterprise Architectures and more “Open-net” Architectures such as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) through multiple solutions such as Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) integration, Event Driven Architecture (EDA), Message-based Integration, Legacy Applications Modernization of Mainframes, AS400/JDEdwards applications integration with open net technologies such as Java/J2EE applications, .Net etc.. Our ERP capabilities lies in various platforms such as JD Edwards on AS400, PeopleSoft, SAP resources, logistics, and tools to implement technology in many areas of IT, manufacturing, financials verticals. So, once your strategy has been defined and you begin planning implementation, you can turn to us to handle all aspects of completing projects and project components. You'll also find that our core expertise in deploying technology makes us the perfect  partner to support you in managing the resources that are central to your infrastructure and technology portfolio.

Areas of focus include establishing enterprise vision, transformation plans, development, off-shore outsourcing, deployments, migration and management of legacy applications, training and management. With years of experience, our project managers and team members are the finest, most qualified resources available.

Delegate your discrete project needs to experts in -